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AI That Reflects Your Brand's Identity

Interact fine-tunes ChatGPT, to mirror your brand's unique identity, opening a world of possibilities for engagement and growth. By infusing the AI with a meticulously crafted corpus via our T4 engine, it grasps your brand’s essence—its values, voice, and quirks. This tailored learning process enables the AI to interact as an extension of your team, offering insights, crafting messages, and devising strategies that genuinely reflect your brand. The result? An AI that doesn’t just know your business but amplifies its distinctiveness across every interaction.

Interact enhances AI's capabilities by pairing it with the insight of our experts, offering a unified solution that propels your brand forward. Here’s how this synergy can benefit your business:

Content Creation: Generate SEO-optimized articles, blog posts, and social media content that’s not only on-brand but also resonates with your audience.

Market Analysis: Dive deep into market trends, competitor analysis, and customer insights to strategize your next big move.

Customer Engagement: Tailor customer interactions across all platforms, providing personalized responses and building stronger relationships.

Innovation Strategy: Identify opportunities for new products or services and refine your business model for competitive advantage.

Operational Efficiency: Leverage AI to streamline business processes, from scheduling to email management, enhancing productivity.

Digital Marketing: Craft and execute a digital marketing strategy that maximizes your online presence and drives growth.

When paired with a strategist, GeNai becomes more than just AI; it’s a comprehensive tool that understands your business and elevates it to new heights.

Your Custom AI Companion

Think of an AI that really gets your business, using a special mix of the words and chats that make your company what it is. This mix, called the Corpus, turns the AI into a mini-you. It's more than just tech—it's like the heart and soul of your business put into a computer, making sure it talks and acts just like you would.

Always Up-to-Date

Your business changes and grows, and so should your AI. That's why we keep it fresh with monthly updates. Every time you add something new to your business, your AI learns about it too. It's like giving your AI a monthly makeover to keep it smart and ready to chat with your customers as if it's been with you from the start.

Choose Your Level of Service: Custom AI Solutions Tailored for Your Business

Unlock the potential of AI tailored specifically for your business with GenAI by Interact. Our unique approach starts with building your T4 training engine, a foundation that learns and adapts to your business's unique requirements. This powerful engine then trains your custom Transformer on the ChatGPT framework, creating an AI solution that truly understands your sector, business, community, and ideal client. Access your custom AI effortlessly through a provided ChatGPT Teams account, ensuring seamless integration and collaboration across your organization.

Our Service Levels

Guided Support
Kickstart your AI journey with the essentials. You'll receive your custom-built T4 and trained Transformer, alongside initial setup assistance, updates, and monthly strategic advice to align AI with your business goals. Ideal for businesses taking their first step into AI with expert support.

Team Empowerment
Elevate your team's AI capabilities with in-depth training and collaborative strategy development. This level includes everything in Guided Support, enhanced with comprehensive management of your team or outsourced partners. It's perfect for businesses ready to leverage AI for content creation, SEO, and more, under expert guidance.

Complete Care
For the ultimate in AI management and optimization, choose Complete Care. Beyond the benefits of Team Empowerment, our experts take full control of managing, optimizing, and using your custom Transformer. From content creation to SEO, we handle it all, allowing you to focus on your core business activities. This package is ideal for businesses seeking a hands-off approach to maximize AI's potential.

Why Choose GenAI?

With GenAI, you're not just implementing AI; you're integrating a budget-friendly customized solution designed to grow your business. From building your T4 training engine to deploying your tailored Transformer, GenAI empowers your business with cutting-edge AI technology, backed by the support level that best suits your needs.

Ready to transform your business with custom AI? Explore GenAI by Interact and start your journey towards AI-driven success today.

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